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MRT Corp looking to turn stations into e-commerce hubs in the near future

MRT Corp and Prasarana Malaysia Bhd are exploring the possibilities to turn mass rapid transit (MRT) stations into e-commerce hubs.

In disclosing this, MRT Corp chief executive officer Datuk Mohd Zarif Hashim said the Covid-19 pandemic had changed the way people travel and shop.

He saw this as an opportunity to adapt MRT’s services to the people’s needs.

There are also plans in place to use MRT 3 Circle Line (MRT3) to carry not only passengers, but small packages as well.

“We have a lot of space at our stations, so we don’t need to redesign anything. We would like private investors to come in, and we’re proposing for a set of lockers to be installed at the stations which could be rented on and used as PO (postal office) boxes,” said Zarif.

He said allowing MRT3 to be used for deliveries would reduce the amount of traffic on the road.

However, he acknowledged there might still be reluctance from riders, as motorcycles were undeniably faster.

He is hopeful that those who use cars for deliveries would consider switching to using the MRT.

Zarif spoke in the City Expo Malaysia (CEM) Star Talk session, in which he addressed the importance of land public transport in the development and sustainability of a city.

Rail transit has expanded rapidly over the last 20 years, and has become a big part of the population’s daily lives.

The virtual CEM 2021, which will be held from November 8 to December 8, aims to highlight urban planners and the need for various stakeholders to come together and plan cities better because of urbanisation as well as the pandemic.

The event will also look at new technologies that are changing the way people live their lives, as well as environmental issues resulting from urbanisation such as poor air and water quality, waste disposal problems and high energy consumption exacerbated by increasing population density.

The event highlights the importance of strong city planning in mitigating these difficulties.

The free expo is a joint initiative between Malaysian Institute of Planners and Nextdor Property Communications.

It will feature forums with topics of interest from experts from November 8 to 12, as well as an exhibition and virtual booths from throughout the event.

Malaysia is one of the most urbanised countries in Asia, with urban growth being 34 per cent in 1980, with a forecast of that being 80 per cent by 2030.

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