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Lifestyle News

Korean beauty hacks to de-tan skin

Ever wondered how those who practise K-beauty routines have clear and even-toned skin? The reason behind this is that K-beauty routines place a high...

New Brand Crafting Sneakers Using Fruit And Plants

Is the future of fashion to be found in what’s on our plates? In recent months, brands have been turning to grapes, apples, corn...


Health and Fitness

Lifestyle that increases your risk of a brain stroke

A brain stroke is a serious condition, which occurs when the blood supply to various parts of the brain is disrupted. This prevents the...

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Social News

Difference between Zero Trust and Traditional Security

Unlike traditional security approaches, the zero-trust security model verifies a user's identity each and every time they need specific system access. How does zero trust...

Food & Baverages

Taco Bell Malaysia expands their third outlet at Kota Damansara

Taco Bell is capitalising on this demand by expanding their third Malaysian branches to Kota Damansara. The new outlet will be located at Tropicana...

Five Guys opening second outlet in Pavilion KL

Five Guys outlet has announced that they’re opening up a second outlet in Pavilion KL so you don't need to travel up to Genting Highlands to try it. “Five...

Perfect appetiser – Crunchy baked tortilla chip-crusted chicken bites

Craving for some food? These baked tortilla chip chicken bites are perfect as an appetiser or a light tummy-filler between meals. You can use any...

IKEA Malaysia releases new black sausage with oozy cheese and charcoal ice cream

IKEA Malaysia releases two brand new snacks: chicken charcoal sausage and charcoal caramel soft serve. The sausage is slightly longer than the regular IKEA hot...

Aspiring Michelin star chef recipe ‘invisible pizza’ is going viral

Melted cheese, varied toppings, a sprinkle of oregano and a dash of chili flakes- yes, we are definitely talking about pizza! Most of us...
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Gift Hunting

Those people who love both Kakao Friends and drinking are in for a treat as the brand recently launched an adorable Ryan & Peach Soju Cup...


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