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Children under 12 years old now allowed to enter cinemas accompanied by parents

Into effect from 4th December 2021, families can now take their young children to the movies under the latest SOP.

According to GSC, kids under 12 years old are allowed to enter their cinema halls if they are accompanied by parents or guardians who are fully vaccinated.

To recap, cinemas were allowed to resume operations in September but it is only permitted for fully vaccinated adults aged 18 years old and above. In October, the restrictions were eventually lifted for fully vaccinated teens (aged 12 to 17 years old).

According to GSC, the new SOP is only applicable for Phase 4 states under the National Recovery Plan except for Sarawak. It also added that food and beverages can now be purchased over the counter. However, it is still recommended that you pre-order your drinks and popcorn online.

TGV Cinemas has also announced that kids are finally welcomed to their cinemas effective 4th December 2021. Existing SOPs for cinemas still apply which includes wearing a face mask at all times and complying with social distancing requirements by sitting at designated seats.

According to the National Recovery Plan’s website, all states except for Kelantan and Sarawak are in Phase 4.

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