Sunday, March 26, 2023

Watch: YouTuber crashes his car to test iPhone 14’s ‘Crash Detection’ feature, confirms that it works as advertised!

Tech & GamesWatch: YouTuber crashes his car to test iPhone 14's 'Crash Detection' feature,...

One of the most exciting features in the newly-released iPhone 14 is the ‘Crash Detection’ feature, which not only allows the phone to detect severe car crashes but also enables it to make calls to emergency services.

While this new feature makes a huge difference in saving lives, many users remained skeptical about such claims.

Thus, to verify the claims, Tech YouTuber TechRax decided to simulate a real-car crash to confirm whether this feature actually works as Apple claims. The test required him to strap the newly-released iPhone 14 Pro on a moving car as it crashes onto obstacles to test its ‘Crash Detection’ feature.

In the video, TechRax can be seen first connecting the car to a remote-controlled adapter which allowed him to accelerate the car by just pushing on the trigger. He then plastered the brand new iPhone 14 Pro nicely behind the driver’s head rest to ensure that it was easily accessible and would not fly out of the car.

The first attempt was a low-speed crash into a line of scrap metal cars.

After the crash, TechRax rushed to the car and check if the feature was initiated. Just as advertised, a notification popped up with a message saying “It looks like you’ve been in a crash” after about 10 seconds.

After having a successful run, the YouTuber decided to go for a second attempt with a faster and greater crash to see if the ‘Crash Detection’ would work again.

This time, smoke and fluids were seen coming out of the car as it crashes into the obstacles.

However, just like the first attempt, the iPhone’s ‘Crash Alert’ detection initiated after a good ten seconds.

Thus, this concludes that the feature is just as Apple advertised!

Essentially, the ‘Crash Detection’ feature initiates a countdown-timer of 10 seconds before calling your emergency contact to notify them that you were in an accident. If the user does not cancel the notification in 20 seconds, an emergency phone call will be made.

And, in case the user becomes unresponsive then the iPhone plays an automatic message for the emergency services and also shares user’s latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates with them, with an approximate search radius to make it easier for them to the user.

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