Thursday, March 30, 2023

“Something wrong with UPU?” M’sian student who scores 3.95 CGPA gets rejected by local universities, but gets 3 offer from UK universities

Social News"Something wrong with UPU?" M'sian student who scores 3.95 CGPA gets rejected...

The enrolment into public universities has been a question Malaysians have been raising for decades, but it appears that nothing was done by the authorities to address them.

Apart from the quota system, the criteria for one to be admitted into public universities were somewhat blur too. This has then caused many qualified Malaysians to seek opportunities from outside the country, and ultimately migrate there.

Recently, a Twitter user, who managed to score a CGPA of 3.95 took it online to share that he wasn’t offered a seat at a local university and instead, got an offer from universities from UK.

“My result. UPU vs UCAS. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with UPU. Not even one?” the user said.

Along the post was a screenshot from the University Central Unit (UPU) that showed he wasn’t offered any placements locally, while the other showed his application on Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) with offer to 3 courses from 2 UK universities.

The tweet has since gone viral with many netizens sharing their similar experiences when applying for public universities.

“I got 3.92 for my STPM but I didn’t get any offers from UPU. Wondering what’s wrong. But people who got lower pointer than me actually got offers from UPU! So unfair,” a netizen said.

“Your situation is the same as my sibling’s. Last year my sister got an offer from King’s College London and Manchester University. But when she applied under UPU, she didn’t get anything,” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, some netizens called out the authorities to explain the unfair algorithm used in approving these applications.

“Make UPU algorithm transparent. I have so many questions about their current algorithm in this infographic,” a netizen said.

“Got 1 classmate. Failed 1 subject in F5. Got full scholarship to study medicine in Ireland. Father worked in Pendidikan. That’s one of the algorithms,” another netizen said.

Do you think that something is off in the algorithm of UPU? Share your thoughts!

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