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YouTuber regrets rejecting strange job offer that turned out to be for ‘Squid Game’

A YouTuber in Korea who turned down the chance to appear in the hit Netflix show “Squid Game” is now kicking herself.

In a video posted on Sep. 26, Korea-based YouTubers Raye & Jin spoke about why Raye had rejected the strange-looking opportunity.

Raye, who is from Minnesota in the U.S., acknowledged how globally popular “Squid Game” has become, noting that her mother and family members are watching “Squid Game” even though they “despise” watching shows with subtitles: “That shows how good it is, because even they’re willing to watch it.”

But still, Raye said that she is “pissed” about the show.

She revealed that she had received an Instagram DM in October 2020 that said that they were looking for a model for an unspecified production.

The message she received explained that a production was looking for a model who would be wearing only underwear and nipple covers, and be covered in full face and body paint.

The role would have no lines, and would not be sexual — “just art”, the message said.

For three days’ work, she would be paid 5 million South Korean Won (S$5,744.59).

“That’s a lot of money, right? I thought, US$4,500 for three days of work? I could totally do that!” Raye exclaimed.

In addition, her accommodation, as well as lunch and dinner, would be covered. Nervous about wearing only nipple covers and underwear.

However, Raye said that the requirement to only wear nipple covers and underwear made her “very nervous.”

In addition, she wasn’t told what the project was that she would be working on, as it is usually kept a secret until actors show up on site.

Thus, Raye turned down the offer.

“I didn’t really wanna be naked in body paint for some random project,” she explained.

“But not that I know that it was freakin’ [“Squid Game”], the number one show in the world, that would’ve been so cool to be part of it. Next time, I’m going to say yes!”

In terms of which role in “Squid Game” Raye missed out on the chance to play, she would have been one of these painted figures positioned around the VIP room in episode seven.

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