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YouTuber pranks rider with delivery to cemetery get roasted

A YouTuber is under fire on social media for tricking a rider into delivering food to a ‘friend’ at a cemetery so that he could make a video.

Facebook user Leo Kho wrote a post on Oct 23, sharing about the plight of his rider friend who was caught in this cruel prank. The post soon went viral with more than 3,900 shares and 500 comments.

In a screenshot of the text exchange between the pair, the YouTuber named Jason said: “Let me know when you’ve reached the destination, thank you”.

After transferring RM50 ringgit to the rider, Jason added: “When you deliver [the food], remember not to disturb my friend.”

Upon reaching his destination – Nirvana Memorial Park in Selangor – 10 minutes later, the baffled deliveryman asked Jason if he had given him the wrong address.

“There’s not a single soul in sight,” the rider wrote. “Please don’t play with me, I’m trying to work here.”

But the response he got was a voice message of Jason breaking into laughter, saying: “This is so funny. I’m sorry bro, do you mind being on YouTube? It’s a prank.”

To appease the furious deliveryman, the YouTuber transferred $1,600 to him as compensation, but he got a scolding instead.

Launching into an expletive-filled rant, the rider snapped: “I might not have money, but you don’t have to bully people like me who choose to work hard for a living.

“Do you think sending someone [to the cemetery] is funny? Will it get you a lot of views? Let me tell you, nobody appreciates this kind of pranks filmed by a rubbish YouTuber like you.”

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