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YouTuber MrBeast recreates Real-life ‘Squid Game’ with $456,000 top prize

Popular YouTuber Mr Beast recreated the series of games in the hit TV series Squid Games in real life, offering the winner a cash prize of $456,000.

The video shows hundreds of participants playing the games showcased in the hit Netflix series. However, unlike the game where the player that fails to progress died, here, the player got eliminated and got a sum of money for participating, no contestants were harmed.

In fact, some players were also offered cash prizes ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 by Mr Beast, if they didn’t wish to proceed to the next level.

Level one starts with the classic game ‘Red Light, Green Light’ all with the creepy looking girl statue and participants donning the uniform similar to that of actors in the game. The next level was the honeycomb where players had to carve out a shape from the cookie using the needle, followed by tug of war, the marble game, the Dachy paper flipping game, the glass bridge, and the final level was surprisingly musical chairs. 

In a matter of seven hours, the video has managed to garner over 16.6 million views and over 2.7 million likes. 

The whole video, including the almost-realistic set for the events, cost over $3.5 Popular YouTuber MrBeast, who boasts 76.4 million subscribers, said he spent $3.5 million on the elaborate reenactment in which 456 contestants battled for the jackpot.

This comes right after the #TeamSeas video where he cleaned over 60,000 pounds of trash from the beach, while also vouching to clean over 30 million tons of trash from the oceans and rivers in just three months. 

Watch the Mr Beast Squid Game below:

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