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You can now build your private workstation using cardboard

The SoiRO-U is made entirely of strong, 5cm thick cardboard, while still being light enough to easily move around, weighing in at only 7kg (15.4 pounds). It’s also water-resistant.

Instead of having a bulky desk that constantly takes up a significant percentage of your living area, you can simply set up the desk when you need it, then put it away after you’re done.

If you’re interested, you can check out SOiRO’s website. They have a cheaper model that only has two height options, as well as a more expensive white-cardboard model too.

It has three different height settings you can switch between.

  • Sitting, which is 71.6 cm.
  • Standing, which is 101.6 centimeters.
  • Child-size, which is 54.6 centimeters.

You can check out SOiRO’s website, price varies from ¥19,800 – ¥32,780 depending on the model. ($172 – $286)

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