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You Can Be Fined RM1,000 For Allowing Your Pet Poop At Neighbour’s House!

Here’s a warning for pet owners who often let their cats to poop in other people’s house. This act can become a crime!

According to Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM), the act of allowing your cat to do their business in someone else’s home can be considered a ‘nuisance’.

In a Facebook post, PPIM wrote “When there are irresponsible cat owners who disturb their neighbours with feces in the house compound, there is sure to be feelings of unease. This problem can be considered a ‘nuisance’.”

PPM added that the authorities can take action against the cat owner under Act 171, Local Government Act 1976 Section 80, which stated if the local authority finds that there are disturbances in a public area or private area, then the local authority can eliminate, stop this disturbance by sending a notice and take legal action along with damages.

“In Section 81, it is also stated that any animal kept in a place or in some way or in a large number can be a nuisance.”

“Therefore, a person has the right to report to the local authority if he/she feels that the animal under the care of their neighbour has disturbed the peace. The fine imposed can be up to RM1,000.”

The Act does not specify the word ‘animal’, hence, it is reasonable to believe that this encompasses all pets including dog owners who allow their furry companions to poop around their neighbours’ houses as well.

With this, pet owners are reminded to be more considerate of their neighbours and be mindful of where their pets poop. Cleaning up after the pet’s business should also be the owner’s responsibility too, not the neighbour’s.

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