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Workout while eating in China’s McDonald’s

One of McDonald’s stores in China offers bike people can ride on while eating their food.

The video of someone eating fast food at McDonald’s in China whilst working out to burn off the calories has become viral.

A Big Mac meal has more than 1,000 calories in it, which takes an average woman weighing 150lbs (~68kg) more than 2hrs to burn throug biking.

Social media users questioned whether it was bad for your digestive system to eat and cycle at the same time. Others commented:

  • This is like using your phone while charging
  • still more calories consumed than burned
  • McDonalds affirms their commitment to net zero calories by 2050
  • Because what is McDonald’s without a side of indigestion ey
  • All those bikes are hooked up to a generator. They are trying to get people to pay for their food and provide electricity!

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