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Woman shares tragic story of how an Overwhelmed Public Hospital caused the Death of her Father

The Covid-19 situation in Malaysia had worsen since the past few weeks and to make things worst, our healthcare system is already at its limits and doctors are now required to choose who to attend to based on their chances of recovery.

A netizen, Bowie, recently took it to Facebook to share how her father was being ignored and later died of Covid-19 after he was admitted to the Serdang Hospital in Selangor.

Bowie in her Facebook post said that the hospital was irresponsible when it comes to handling patients, such as her father who is suffering from Covid-19.

“I really didn’t want to write it out, but when I close my eyes, all I can think about is the tragic death of my father.” she said.

She said the story started when her father is feeling feverish on 14 July and her family thought it was a normal fever. He even went to a private clinic where the doctor only gave him regular fever medications.

Source: Facebook

However, the situation had not been better and Bowie was still worried about his father. She then sent him to do a Covid-19 PCR test and the results shows that her father was tested positive. On the same day, Bowie said that her mother and herself went for the test too, which her mother was tested positive while Bowie herself was negative.

Following the test results, her family was quarantined at home and things were fine too, with her father’s blood oxygen levels normal, between 95% to 99%. However, the fever persisted and on Tuesday (20 July), his oxygen levels started dropping to 84%.

“I believe Dad was infected with the Delta virus, the infection was very strong and he deteriorated quickly within five days.” Bowie said.

Knowing that something was not right, she immediately called for an ambulance to send her father to the Serdang hospital. Never did she know that this is the start of her nightmare.

Bowie said that the doctors did an initial check on her father after he arrived at the hospital. After that, they had not taken care of him.

“He wasn’t given oxygen. Instead, he just sat in a wheelchair and waited for a long time. He took pictures for us to see. Some patients were not wearing masks and the environment was very harsh.”

Bowie claimed that some patients who arrived later were given a bed before her father and when she asked for one for her father, the health office ignored her.

“Dad also said it was cold over there and when he asked for a blanket, the nurse over there didn’t care about him at all and told him there weren’t enough blankets to go around.”

Source: Facebook

Bowie was heartbroken when her father called her in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday (21 July) and said that he wanted to go home.

“He said he had difficulty breathing and was very cold. I called the hospital and cried and asked them to give my dad some oxygen and they agreed, but nothing was done. I called again and asked them to give my dad a blanket too, but that request was also ignored.” she said.

Given no other option, Bowie hailed a car at 6.30 a.m. to the hospital to hand over a blanket to her father herself. She said that he appeared to have used all his strength to walk out here to get the things from her.

“I handed the blanket to him through the railings and I knew he was depending only on his willpower by then. I wanted to bring him home, but the people there said no, unless there was a private hospital willing to take him in, so I went home first.”

After she went home, Bowie called the Serdang Hospital and ask whether she could speak to a doctor to transfer her father to another hospital for treatment. Nonetheless, she was told that the doctors were too busy to entertain her call.

She said that her father told her to stop trying because he had asked a doctor himself and the doctor told him that he was not allowed to change hospitals or go home.

The same day, Bowie went to the hospital again in the afternoon and she describe what she seen as “hell on Earth” as the hospital was overcrowded with patients.

“Patients had to wait in temporary tents put up outside the hospital while countless more were constantly being sent in. I knew I didn’t have a chance to talk to a doctor.” she said.

Source: Twitter

This time, she brought her own oximeter and she tested her father’s blood oxygen levels and she was surprised to find his hands being so cold and she could not get any reading.

“After trying repeatedly, I finally got a result. His blood oxygen had fallen to 50% and his heart rate was only 39!”

“At the time, I also saw that my father’s skin was going purplish red, which meant he was extremely hypoxic, but he still hadn’t received any treatment.” she said.

Bowie said that her father went for an X-ray earlier but the doctor had not informed him of the results.

At 8p.m., her father called her again to tell her that he was having a hard time breathing. He said that he had repeatedly asked the doctors for oxygen but the only answer he get was “Everyone is having a hard time, you’re not the only one struggling.”

“I asked him not to give up and to keep reminding the staff to give him an oxygen cylinder. Finally, he was fitted with oxygen around 9 p.m. and made it through that night.”

However, looking back, Bowie said that provided with oxygen itself is not enough.

“Patients with COVID-19 often have pneumonia, their lungs are inflamed and filled with fluid. They should have administered steroids to immediately help reduce the inflammation, but not a single medication was prescribed to my father.” she said.

On the next morning (22 July), her father gave her a call in the morning to let her know he overslept and missed breakfast. Bowie then immediately offered to deliver him food but they know that it was impossible for him to walk outside to collect it.

Source: The Star

At around 10 p.m., Bowie said that she received the one last call from her father.

“He said he was going to die. We had prepared ourselves in our hearts for this news and told him over the phone everything we wanted him to know. At the end of the call, I couldn’t hear anything he was saying clearly anymore.”

The next morning (23 July), Bowie decided to gave her father a call but she was no longer being able to reach him. Bowie had reach out to the Emergency department and they had not replied her too.

She then asked her friend to go to the hospital to check it out for her. It was then she found out that her father passed away not long after their phone call, at 11.30 p.m. on Thursday night, 22 July.

She added that the hospital only notified her of his death at 1 p.m. on Friday.

In her Facebook post, Bowie stressed that Serdang Hospital had disrespect her father for all the happenings.

“My dad died because he did not get treatment in time. Although he was in the hospital for three days, the medical staff turned a blind eye to him when he was in need.”

“He could not get a bed, nobody notified our family when he passed away, the emergency department is impossible to get through to, the staff have horrible attitudes, and when my father was heading there in the ambulance, he wasn’t even checked or given oxygen!” she said.

Having faced that, she said that the public hospitals are too overwhelmed right now, so it was better for patients to go to private hospitals instead. She said that everyone should be careful to avoid being infected by COVID-19 in the first place.

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