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Woman discovered ‘Voldemort’s face’ while walking on a beach

A woman was surprised when she found a stone that looked like Harry Potter’s arch-nemesis Voldemort while walking on a beach in Scotland.

A woman was shocked when she spotted the face of the main antagonist of the Harry Potter series on a stone during a morning walk. Nikki Halkerston, 45, was taking a stroll on the Broughty Ferry beach in Dundee, Scotland, on Thursday morning when she spotted ‘He Who Must Not be Named’ looking back at her.

Nikki, who works as a receptionist, said that the “perfectly dented” stone along with its smooth top reminded her of Harry Potter’s arch-nemesis Voldemort.

She picked up the stone and brought it to her home to place it in her kitchen.

“As soon as I saw it I thought straight away ‘That’s him!’ I knew who it reminded me of. It’s the dents which resemble the face and even where the green moss. And to finish it off you have the shiny bald top which looks like his head,” Nikki said.

She said, “It was a very lucky placement. I was lucky to have seen it. It’s in my kitchen at the moment so I can show it off.”

She added, “I’m not a massive fan of Harry Potter. Sure I’ll watch it but I’m not obsessed with it. My daughter has recently started watching the films and I read the books to her at night so it’s a nice thing for her.”

Earlier this year, a team of scientists from Australia discovered a species of chocolate frogs in the lowlands rainforest of New Guinea. Well, they are nothing like the chocolate frogs from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The species has been named chocolate frogs due to their brown colouring.

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