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Woman confronts cheating M’sian Husband in Singapore Airport

You’ve probably heard stories of men and women cheating on each other. The drama and fights that follow, the hurt which seems to stay for the longest of time.

Despite the numerous cases, it’s still hard to understand why. Like so many others, this lady from Johor is still reeling from the worst betrayal in her life. She had given her husband everything; a son, her support, and her love for eleven years. However, he threw all of that away in six months. Not only did she discover his betrayal when he walked into Singapore’s airport with another woman on his arm, but he also took their only son from her.

Mrs. J met the love of her life in Kuching when they studied together. She devoted her life to him, following him when he asked her to accompany him to Singapore to study, then to work. Mrs. J supported his wish to further his studies and helped finance him. They later got engaged and married, although it wasn’t a traditional ceremony. “(There was) no wedding ceremony, no wedding photos, no dowry,” she stated. She later had a son by him and for a while, things were good.

Her husband looked after them for a few years as they stayed in Johor. However, things changed drastically when he left for Singapore. He initially told Mrs. J he was going to Singapore for a job interview. As per standard operating procedures, he needed to be quarantined. Luckily, a female friend offered to let him stay at her place. He supposedly knew her as she used to learn the violin from him. At the time, it seemed like a stroke of luck. “I even messaged her to say thank you,” Mrs. J lamented.

However, everything started going wrong shortly after Mrs. J struggled to contact her husband, despite the numerous calls and messages. While managing in his absence, Mrs. J was also handling her 4-year-old son’s schooling and facing medical issues. She soon went to Kuching for familial support. But, things came to head when she returned to their place in Johor Bahru only to discover the locks had been changed. At her wits end, she went to Singapore to search for him.

A friend told her that her husband had apparently made a trip to Thailand. Determined, she and their son waited at the airport for him to return. When he finally arrived, Mrs. J was heartbroken to discover the reason for his radio silence. He and his female ‘friend’ were apparently together as evidenced by their hand-holding and couple shirts. “At that moment, my heart was hurt and broken,” she wrote. “(What’s worse), that girl was still carrying my bag.

Mrs. J confronted him publicly in the airport, with her son tearfully watching the scene. Her husband said nothing as she aired her grievances and hurt to him, laying out all the ways he had let her down. “I’m still your legal wife,” she snapped at one point. “You want to see the marriage certificate?” He apparently claimed he hadn’t managed to find work for six months. “But (he) had the money to spend on a trip to Ipoh and Thailand,” she said bitterly. “In these past six months, he didn’t even bother to contact me or his son, as if we are not related.

She finally told her husband to meet her at their house in JB to discuss the matter further. Mrs. J also told him to drive their son back to JB, as she didn’t want to wear their son out with the long trip home. Unfortunately, her husband never arrived, and neither did her son. She was forced to appeal to him online as he was blocking her calls. “No need to hide!” she exclaimed. “I don’t (want to) waste your time, don’t waste mine either! In the end, the (one) hurt the most is (our) child!

As of 21st June, Mrs. J has yet to be reunited with her son. She added a new post listing her son’s allergies and favourite food, and notes to look after him. “Please contact me, I never changed my number,” she pleaded. “I’m suffering. Please contact me.

Our hearts go out to Mrs. J. We sincerely hope her husband finds the courage to face her and return their son to her soon. Hopefully, they will be able to resolve this mess and put it behind them.

Watch the videos of their confrontation here:

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