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Wife shares Husband’s Payslip in social media and gets suspended at work

Beware of what you share online, although it may seem harmless but your actions would have repercussions.

According to China press, a lady from China has shared a picture of her and husband online with the caption “spoiled by my personal ATM.”

Then, she followed up her post with a picture of her husband’s payslip. She captioned the picture as “1993’s salary benchmark, so does his salary count as marital assets?”

Many netizens warned her that because her husband is working at an international investment management company, according to their policy, staffs are not allowed to share their salaries to the public.

Shortly after, the company has issued a statement mentioning that said staff has been suspended from work and is currently going through internal investigations.

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  1. Government should realised, that is what the public are facing now. Our cost of living are very high compared to the income of most people received. The public will become more stressful and have a very constraints lives. The politicians and ministers don’t just always lokk upwards but, they must look downwards to understand the needs and problems the people are facing. Don’t just think of your personal gains.

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