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WhatsApp Future Update May Let You Determine Video Upload Quality

WhatsApp is working on a new feature which allows you to determine the quality of a video that you wish to upload to your chats.

This means that you’ll be able to upload them faster when choosing a compressed quality, while at the same time save up on data usage.

The publication noted that while the interface is present in the build where the feature was discovered, the actual function is not active. It will prompt users to choose either Auto, Best Quality or Data Saving when uploading a video to a chat.

The first of which will have the app automatically detect the best compression algorithm for the video, while the second will upload it at the best quality available, and the last option compresses it to the smallest possible size in favour of using less data when sharing.

Since the feature itself is merely a placeholder, there wasn’t a way to actually see how effective the three options are. Regardless, the potential inclusion of determining the video quality for uploads will benefit a good number of WhatsApp users, especially those who are on a tight data budget.

Furthermore, the ability to quickly upload a smaller video size is also handy for emergency situations that require swift attention – the sacrifice being a compressed video which might exhibit loss in image quality.

As with most discoveries such as these, it is not known when WhatsApp is actually planning to debut this new video compression feature.

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