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Ways to keep yourself occupied during this MCO 2.0

With everyone looking forward to have a fresh kickstart of the new year with the hope to change their fortunes, the announcement by PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on the implementation of MCO 2.0 had shattered travel plans, and even festive gatherings.

Hence, staying at home will be the only plan for most and it can boring too. To help you get over this boredom, we suggest these hobbies that you can start with. You’ll gain at least a skill or stay healthy, and most importantly keep yourself occupied!

1. Hidden Chef Talent

Run out of idea on what to eat and looking for something special to cook today? There are more than 300 recipes from Maggi’s recipe book to choose from! Emulate the easy-to-follow steps and creative method with a little twist will bring surprising results. Easy way to get fresh and affordable groceries at DH Fresh Food from Shopee.

2. Workout to stay fit and healthy

Aside from having more eating sessions while we spent more time at home, we may have the need to stay fit and healthy. In fact, apps such as Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout are great options to check out. You do not wish to go out of shape and not fit into your favourite dress right.

3. Sharing of your daily lives

To ease the boredom being quarantine at home, one can explore into social media such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and etc to share your daily activities such as your secret recipe of making a cake to how you build an Iron-man suit. You may get to explore yourself more in social media and might discovered your hidden talents. Who knows you might be a future celebrity and have millions of fans in the future?

4. Playing video games

This has been part of most of the youngster up to grown adult nowadays. Remember those days when games were not so popular among the parents towards their kids as it affect their child’s growth from having bad grades to skipping schools. However, in this quarantine period, games have been proven beneficial to make one stay at home to keep one occupied. So what are you waiting for? go team up with your friends and conquer the virtual world.

5. Decorate your home

As we are spending more time at home than we used to be, a great way to brighten your life is by decorating your home. Innovative ideas from social media or magazines could be an option to give ideas on how to decorate your home sweet home.

Lastly, let us hope for a better tomorrow and stay safe everyone.

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