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Ways to instantly relieve stress and anxiety

Ways to instantly relieve stress and anxiety

As the Covid-19 cases numbers reaching thousands almost everyday, Malaysians are getting panic and uneased with how things are going around in Malaysia. There are several studies which have been conducted on mental health and these studies find that the frontliners and healthcare workers are facing a constant battle with depression, anxiety, and insomnia since the pandemic started in Malaysia.

These negative feelings are growing among all Malaysians and it is a very concerning issue. Before we solve the core problems that we are facing, we should learn how to relieve stress and anxiety, so we can stay positive and keep moving forward towards our dreams.

Here’s something you can do to instantly relieve stress and anxiety.

1. Exercise

This might be a common thing that you’ve seen it over and over again. However, it is one of the best way to combat stress. Exercise doesn’t mean that you’ll need to do power lifting in a gym or running a marathon. You can walk around the office or your house, and do a little bit of stretching for 5 minutes after a 1 or 2 hour of work. This will help you get out of that stressful environment immediately.

Getting your blood moving also helps release endorphins, which are chemicals that improve your mood.

2. Spend time with friends and family

Social support from friends and family members is important for you to get through tough times. Sharing your problems help with someone who is willing to listen them seriously improves your mental state. A reassuring voice can relieve you from the stress you are facing immediately, and who knows, they might be able to help you too!

3. Laugh it off

Laughing helps release endorphins, which is a kind of chemical that improves your mood. But laughing all of a sudden can be difficult, so we’ll recommend you to follow our Malaysian comedian, Uncle Roger. Just remember to not drink while watching.

4. Listen to music

Try playing some relaxing and calming music, you’ll notice your mood slowly changing and following the rhythm of the music. Playing calm music can help lower blood pressure, nd reduce cortisol, a hormone that causes stress.

5. Reduce caffeine intake

Bad news for coffee and tea lovers. Caffeine is a stimulant that help stimulate your nervous system, which can make anxiety worse or even trigger an anxiety attack. However, different people have different thresholds for how much caffeine they can take. It’s best that you monitor it yourself. Consider cutting back on caffeine if it makes you jittery or anxious.

Choose the method that you find best for you. You can give some suggestions too by commenting below!

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