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Watch out for the KPDNHEP Undercover Officers on the Streets as they monitor & punish Covid-19 SOP Violators

KPDNHEP spies can be anywhere around you and hands over a compound if they found you violating the SOP!

Yesterday, the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry (KPDNHEP) has announced that they will be intensifying inspections on the SOP compliance among Malaysians, following the ease of restrictions of the trade and distribution sub-sectors.

According to Bernama, KPDNHEP Secretary-General Datuk Seri Hasnol Zam Zam Ahmad said that the Ministry will implement ‘Ops Samar’ which involves over 2,000 KPDNHEP enforcement officers going undercover and pose as customers to ensure SOP compliance among businesses.

Source: Twitter

“A total of 22 trade and distribution subsectors have been given permission to reopen effective Aug 16, provided individuals have to be fully vaccinated to use these facilities.”

“The opening of these sectors is a jointly balanced effort and responsibility for the purpose of boosting and reviving the domestic economic ecosystem, however, it is not an uncontrolled freedom for traders to ignore the SOPs that have been set.”

He added that they will not hesitate to issue a compound to the SOP offenders as they wanted to ensured that the SOPs are taken seriously by all parties.

In addition, this is the only way the safety and health of the people can be fully taken care of throughout the country in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Meanwhile, Hasnol said that the ‘Ops Samar’ will be carried out in customer-eccentric areas such as malls, eateries, barbershops and other economic sectors that involves the public.

He also stressed that premise owners and customers must ensure that only those who have been fully vaccinated can do activities such as dining in.

Hasnol then warns the public that all their movements are being observed by the enforcement personnel and advise Malaysians to comply with the SOP at all times.

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