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Watch: Imam Punishes Mosque Thief With Washing Ritual For Dead People

If one is found guilty of committing an offense or wrongdoing, some form of punishment will be given as a deterrent so they will not repeat the same mistakes. But what if the punishments given deviate from this balance by being too harsh or too soft?

Recently, a video showing a group of people taking matters into their own hands had gone viral on social media. The incident started when an imam, a faith leader at a mosque caught a young man stealing the mosque’s donation box.

The video is believed to have been recorded at a mosque in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, where the angered imam can be seen performing a ‘corpse bath’ on the young thief while others held him down.

Source: Twitter

The Penangkini Twitter page wrote in the caption “You’ve had it now! Who asked you to steal the mosque’s donation box?”

In the video, the young man can be seen forced to lay on the mortuary slab while a group of men, including the imam, surrounded him. While they were discussing on what they should do with the young man, someone suggested to perform the ritual of cleaning a corpse on the young man.

The group then went along with the suggestion and the imam started spraying water on the young man as he covered his face. The young man tired to resist but he was held down by the group and the imam started beating him on the head with the hose.

They then covered the young man’s head with a cloth and continued torturing him.

“Yeah, our imam is washing the – not a corpse, but a future corpse,” someone from the scene said.

Meanwhile, netizens condemned the imam’s actions and said that it is better for them to hand the young man over to the authorities for further action.

“The boy is in the wrong, but if you do that to him and he dies, then you will bear the consequences. Hand him over to the authorities. He is still human, and Islam doesn’t teach us to do things like this. Both parties are guilty.” a netizen said.

“Torturing people in a surau? Don’t just punish the boy yourself. Bring him to the (police) station and fight for a heavier punishment there. Why do you have to punish him yourself like that? In his robe and serban at that.” another said.

Some even called for the police to investigate this matter. Nonetheless, the video ended there and it is unsure what happened to the young man next.

Do you think it is appropriate to take matters into our hand? Share your thoughts!


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