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Visitor encountered a lizard emerging in The Mines Lake

A short video of what appears to be a monitor lizard emerging from a lake is currently going viral online.

The incident took place in The Mines, a famous shopping centre in Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

For those who are wondering, the video was first posted by TikTok user Jovian Tan. At the time of writing (Wednesday, 25th May), the video has gained over 573k views on the video sharing platform!

Seeing from his reaction, it appears that the TikToker was greatly amused by the unexpected encounter. 

“Unbelievable sight at The Mines Shopping Mall! #theminesshoppingmall #swimmingcreature,” Jovian wrote on his social media post. Now that Jovian’s post has gone viral, netizens have since taken to the replies space to share their reactions on the matter.

Scrolling through the comments, many netizens responded to the post by leaving hilarious remarks to the post. In addition, there were also a few internet users who pointed out that the incident is nothing new, especially for those who have been to the mall. Here are some of the highlights:

  • “(The lizard) might be looking for its long lost relative at the leather shop.”
  • “This creature has been around for awhile now, it’s just that it hasn’t gone viral up ’til now.”
  • “It’s possible that more and more creatures will emerge from the Mines lake.”
  • “Whose ‘ex’ is that?”
  • “The lizard also wants to go shopping.”
  • “He (the reptile) is a permanent resident at the place. He has lived there for decades.” 

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