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Valve working on a feature to login into Steam using QR code

Another login method to Steam may soon be available for the games launcher and digital storefront, in the form of QR codes.

SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik tweeted a screenshot of what the QR login feature will look like. Alongside it is the code from a recent Steam update that shows elements of the feature and the way it works. There’s a line that reads “awaiting your confirmation via the Steam Mobile App” which suggests the way it will actually be implemented.

At this juncture, there’s no indication as to when this will actually be an option that users can use. But considering that Steam’s Big Picture mode will be replaced with the Steam Deck UI, that’s one possible point in time when the feature will go live.

No precise dates on that either, but chances are it would be around the time when the Steam Deck actually gets into people’s hands. Which, for selected markets, would be in December.

Using QR codes to log into your Steam account is certainly a viable alternative to the standard 2FA code that’s being used currently. And it’s certainly a better experience for the Deck itself, even if you can pull up a virtual keyboard.

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