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“Unboxing By Husband” Trend On TikTok Receives Tremendous Backlash For Going Against Religious Practice

TikTok is one of the most interesting social media platforms, where interesting trends go viral, ranging from dance covers, lifestyle tips, fashion inspos, and many more.

However, a new viral trend has recently emerged and it has since received tremendous criticism from the public. This trend involves newlyweds, especially among Muslim women in their hijabs and it is known as “Unboxing By Husband” or “Unboxing Pengantin”, which means “Unboxing Bride”.

This trend requires the newlyweds in their wedding outfits to stand in front of the mirror and the groom would then “remove” the bride’s head accessories while being recorded on camera.

Source: TikTok

Meanwhile, this TikTok trend has infuriated many people, including a Muslim preacher, Syed Mohd Bakri Al-Yahya, or better known as PU Syed.

Taking it to his Instagram, PU Syed said “‘Unboxing Bride’, or ‘Unboxing By Husband’ is another heresy that is going viral and has been done by many young couples on social media!”

Source: Instagram

“Exposing your aurat is haram (forbidden), let alone exposing your wife’s aurat! And you’re still proud of sharing ‘haram’ content just to gain a lot of views!”

In an interview with mStar, PU Syed called out for the TikTok users for sharing nonsense content, adding that it will also cause slander among the public who watched the videos.

“We should be responsible for taking of our wives. We can’t just simply share her beauty and her sweetness for others to see. It all belongs to us as a husband.”

“As youngsters, we have the nature to try something, but we must also obey God’s command and never do such a thing. Avoid doing nonsense stuff, because it doesn’t bring benefits but mere slander,” PU Syed was quoted saying.

What do you think about this new trend on TikTok? Share your thoughts!


  1. “Wife is our property”.

    What the author tried to hint with this ‘property’ word? In the first place, women are not ‘things’ that the author can simply translate them into ‘property’. Implying this shallow ‘property’ word to translate the preacher’s utterances leads to misunderstanding by other readers despite muslims and non, leading towards slander on Muslim preachers. English vocabs are wide enough to specifically describe the word which I believe should be depicted as “precious amanah” not simply “our property”. Convey the message, not translate.

    Again, thanks for sharing this article yet, mind your language, dear author. Peace out!

    • Hi Sarah, we apologise for using such a sensitive phrase. We’ve taken in your comment and changed the sensitive phrase into a well-manner phrase. We hope this will better reflect the intended meaning. Thank you very much for pointing that out.

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