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Try this “Decendants Of The Sun” concept of Pre-Wedding photo shooting!

Pre-wedding photo shoots had become popular among young couples these days as these photos will allow both partners to get to know each other better, and at the same time be the most wonderful memory that both made together.

While pre-wedding photo shoots are free to pose, creativity and ideas is all you need to make your photo look amazing.

Lately, a young couple went for a pre-wedding photo shoot and what they did was truly unique and people are amazed with it.

Their theme of their photo shoot is individual work uniforms.

The concept was simple and unique, but filled with their very own meaningful story. The couple looked proud in their uniform and it does resemble the K-drama “Decendants of The Sun”.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

This couple even received praises from netizens for their creativity and they’ve inspired many to adopt this concept for their pre-wedding photo shoot.

Of course, some were making fun of them too. However, none of them were being negative.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

We hope this helps you if you are still thinking hard about how you should do it!

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