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Truth revealed: MBSJ dismantling Awning without permit

Truth revealed: MBSJ dismantling Awning without permit

Rampaging into someone’s house randomly can be absurd, not to even mention tearing down people’s property. This is what that had happen on 22 December 2020 in Subang Jaya USJ, when the MBSJ had forcefully open the front gate of a house and had started dismantling down the awning when the owner of the house was not at home.

According to MBSJ, approval should have be gotten before installing awning and most people would have forgotten this. There are people who’s supporting MBSJ and there are those who do not too. However, in this case, most netizens commented that there must be someone complaining about it and that is why MBSJ is taking action.

Truth revealed

After this was being made viral, there are netizens that stand up to defend MBSJ and they have revealed the truth regarding the case. It seems that the owner of the house had some grudges with their neighbour and the awning was purposely installed to annoy her neighbour after she had lost the legal case with them.

Furthermore, MBSJ had records and details of her case and the period given for her to remove the awning had been extended had been ignored by her. Not to mention that the demolition works arranged by MBSJ had been postposed twice already.

Source: Facebook

Does this explanation give you a different perspective of how MBSJ is working? It is important to hear stories from both sides before we make any judgmental comments too.

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