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Traditional Batik is made the new Company’s Official Attire of this Company!

The official attire for most company company in Malaysia will be the classic suit and tie, or for the ladies, a pant suit or dress. The CEO of Berjaya Corporation had today (9 Apr) surprisingly announced that traditional Malaysia Batik will be their official company attire!

The group’s newly-appointed CEO, Jalil Rasheed had made the announcement on Twitter.

According to Jalil, the Berjaya group aims to promote the Malaysian culture and give batik more representation. The group will be encouraging their vendors and suppliers to adopt this policy too. To bring it further, they even invite companies in Malaysia to help promote the Malaysian Batik.

Source: Jadi Batek

This is something that most of us would not have expect, however, netizens felt proud and praised Jalil for the initiative to preserve the Malaysian culture.

Read the comments from netizens!

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