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TNB replacing old meters with Smart Meters for FREE

TNB replacing old meters with Digital Meters for FREE

Did TNB contact you to replace your meter with a new one? Do not worry as this is not a scam! This is Suruhanjaya Tenaga’s initiative to allow households to better manage their electricity usage and bills. The best thing about this is, it is FREE-OF-CHARGE!

Households in Melacca were the first to receive them and households in Klang Valley will be the next. Don’t be disappointed if TNB have yet to contact you, TNB plans to replace all meters in Malaysia by stages.

What is Smart Meter?

TNB Smart Meter is a self reading meter, which does not require manual reading by TNB personnel every month. The Smart Meter will record your electric consumption every 30 minutes and send the information to TNB automatically.

So how does this actually help you? You’ll be able to read your electric consumption in the myTNB portal or myTNB app. Given all these information, you’ll get an insight of how much electricity you’ve consumed, and on which should you cut-down on. The Smart Meter will automatically send a notification to TNB if there’s a disruption in the electric supply too.

How does it work?

Smart Meter uses radio frequency to transmit the information to TNB database. Are you worried that Smart Meter will be harmful to our body? NO, Smart Meter uses merely 0.1 microwatt per square centimetre, which is way below the hazard threshold. Furthermore, the frequency used is way lower than most of the electronic devices that we use, for example, the modem and mobile phones.

We know you’re excited about this. Let’s be patient and wait for our turn. Meanwhile, you can read all the information from TNB here.

Have thoughts on the Smart Meter? Let us know below!

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