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This face mask is made from Food Grade Silicone and FDA approved

Since the Covid-19 outbreak struck, an estimated 10 million disposable face masks are used and discarded every day.

However, not all face masks are removed in the right way, further harming our environment especially wildlife.

In fact, one face mask is said to be able to release 173,000 microfibers per day, which can not only affect water, air quality and wildlife, but also enter our lungs and bloodstream in the long run.

Realizing that this problem is getting worse, AiruFlo has come forward and is determined to educate Malaysians on the choice of more sustainable modular face masks so as not to aggravate the problem of garbage in the environment.

Made from bioserated food grade silicone and FDA approved.

AiruFlo contains no toxic substances and can be washed with soap and water for safe reuse. The soft and flexible silicone material provides easy folding characteristics and resistance to strong impacts.

With the development of nanotechnology -based materials and surface modifications, the silicone body of the AiruFlo face mask is smooth and translucent, making it very comfortable to use.

In addition, the replaceable N95 grade filter offers protection from 95% particles and dust as fine as 0.3µm. Coupled with perfect adhesion features, it offers full protection against germs, bacteria, and contamination without the need for two coats of face mask.

The AiruFlo face mask comes with an adjustable strap. When not in use, it can be folded and hung securely around the user’s neck, thus allowing it to be carried anywhere easily. Washable and only requires periodic filter changes.

In terms of sustainability, it can indirectly reduce the use of disposable face masks, thereby promoting cost -effectiveness and environmental protection in the long run.

To raise awareness on ecological sustainability, the AiruFlo company also runs a recycling program to encourage consumers to return AiruFlo face masks that have been used for reprocessing.

According to AiruFlo Co-Founder Vince Koay, the market is now full of various face masks with various specifications to cater to different user groups.

“So, we quickly realized the need to combine all the positive features in one face mask. Many are looking for a face mask that meets various criteria – stylish, breathable, sustainable and does not harm the environment.

“However, it is not easy to get such face masks in the market. So our innovative team of industrial engineers are determined to achieve this goal through AiruFlo.

“Apart from offering protection, its translucent features play an important role in enabling users to communicate effectively through facial expressions, especially for those with hearing problems or in need of speech therapy,” he shared.

Approved by the Medical Devices Authority (MDA) as well as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), AiruFlo face masks are designed to meet international hygiene and protection standards.

In addition, AiruFlo ensures that all laboratory reports and certifications are easily accessible through its website to ensure full transparency.

Now you can get this face mask through AiruFlo’s official website and also at registered distributors such as AEON Malaysia, Ascen Plus Pharmacy and Avrione Asia.

For more information on AiruFlo, visit www.airuflo.com.

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