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Thirty One Fine Bakes had zero tolerance towards Racism

Malaysia is a multi-racial country and still, there are those who will go all out just to break the harmony in the society.

Recently, an online-based bakery in Petaling Jaya, Thirty One Fine Bakes took it to their social media, exposing the culprit who tried to jeopardize the multi-racial society’s harmony.

The customer in the WhatsApp conversation started by demanding to know the ethnicity of the company owner’s race, which the bakery responded by saying that they are a multiracial business and they were curious about the reason behind their question too.

Source: Facebook

The customer then replied that he wanted to know if there were workers from a certain race, adding that he does not purchase items from a particular race.

The bakery then slammed at the customer, responded by stating that what he said was rude and racist. They added that they have zero tolerance towards racism.

“Racism and discrimination are deep-rooted diseases of this country, and we work to ensure there is no space for that in this company and to call it out when we see it.”

Source: Facebook

“This company is a space for individuals to grow personally and professionally, without any prejudice. Because of your disgusting remarks, we are not sorry to say that we would be happy to lose you as a customer. All the best,” they responded in the WhatsApp conversation.

Meanwhile, Thirty One Fine Bakes kept the customer anonymous as their intention was only to share the incident to make the public aware of the issue.

They said that they had received messages like this before and they now think that keeping them in the shadows do not educate the public about the matters that we are facing.

Netizens flooded the comments and praised they for standing up against racism. They loved their response towards the particular customer and some said that the bakery had just earned themselves a new customer!

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