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The most expensive eagle is worth RM1.9 million in the world

An eagle named Ab Ultra White Gyrfalcon was sold in an auction in Saudi Arabia for USD $ 464,400 (RM1.9 million).

The auction of the rare species Falco rusticolus was organized by the International Eagle Breeding Auction (IFBA) which took place at the headquarters of the Saudi Arabian Eagle Club in Malham, north of Riyadh.

The sale of the Ab Ultra White Gyrfalcon became the latest record for the most expensive eagle ever sold in the world.

The auction is broadcast virtually and has been going on since last month.

It is understood that the bird came from the Pacific Northwest Eagle Farm based in the United States.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, bird sales were on a previous record when the Super White Gyrfalcon from a Canadian -based breeder was sold for USD $ 93,347 (RM386,129).

Eagles are a species of bird of prey or carnivore. There are 60 species of eagles living in Eurasian and African countries.

The warm -blooded animal has no teeth but has a strong bend to tear the victim’s flesh.

It also has a pair of strong legs and sharp claws to grip the victim. His eyesight is also great for hunting prey from a distance.

The eagle is often associated as a symbol of strength, honor, courage and pride.

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