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The ‘Black Flag’ convoy is a sign of protest against the government

A group of participants took part in a car convoy in the capital as a sign of protest against the National Alliance (PN) government’s management in tackling the Covid-19 pandemic.

There were about 10 vehicles flying black flags around 11.20 am starting from Bangsar LRT Station heading to Dataran Merdeka before turning back to the station.

The convoy for more than an hour was also held simultaneously in several other states such as Kedah, Melaka, Johor and Sarawak.

It is understood that the convoy involved is the beginning of the “Keluar dan #Lawan” rally which will be held on July 31.

Several police also escorted the convoy and controlled the flow of traffic around the capital.

The representative of the People’s Solidarity Secretariat (SSR), who is also the organizer of the event, said the traffic police were very cooperative in controlling traffic.

“They (police) are very helpful to us and no provocation was raised by any individual,” Mohd Asraf Sharafi Mohd Azhar told reporters.

He asked the public to join the protest by waving flags from vehicles while driving in an area of ​​about 10km at their homes.

He said the participants were also reminded to always abide by the rules of the road, avoid provocation and adhere to standard operating procedures (SOP).

Last Saturday, SSR organized a small -scale protest at Dataran Merdeka with 20 participants dressed in all black.

They also carried a statue as a symbol of the increase in deaths and suicides due to the pandemic and 14 black flags became the “voice” of anger of the people throughout the country.

Among their demands include urging the prime minister to resign, holding a full parliamentary session and granting an automatic lending moratorium for all.

The protest also resulted in three organizers, Muhammad Nur Taufiq Azhar, Mohd Asraf Sharafi Mohd Azhar, and Mohammad Alshatri Abdullah being fined RM2,000 each for violating the SOP.

Asked whether SSR would continue the rally despite being fined recently, Asraf said the punishment would not stop the scheduled event.

“Of course, I’m scared. I am just an ordinary citizen but ready to face all possibilities, ”he said.

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