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Stunning drone light show wedding proposal draws range of responses

We know how nerve-wracking planning a wedding proposal can be. Marriage proposals have transcended the simple tradition of getting down on one knee with ring and flowers.

With the help of advanced technology, one way to impress your partner is to go big with a drone light show to express your interest in tying the knot with them.

TikToker @sloooms first shared the 14-second clip of the drone light show on Oct. 31. The light display shows a purple gift box with a red bow, which then opens to reveal a blue diamond-shaped object.

This transitions into a flurry of multi-coloured blinking lights before the next formation – a diamond ring.

According to @sloooms, the light show took place at the field behind Methodist Girls’ School (MGS).

The TikTok user said that they were not involved in the show and just happened to witness it.

On Reddit, user AmbassadorSweet claimed that their friend had witnessed the entire show in person, adding that there were a total of seven to eight formations in total, including “Marry me”, “I love you”, and “YH love CL”.

The drone light show has also been shared by other users on TikTok.

This ostentatious proposal performance drew various responses, depending on one’s relationship status and their role in the relationship.

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