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Students turning to TikTok as a learning ground

TikTok is now becoming an educational platform… or almost. On the social network, many users are now tuning in to livestream sessions specifically aimed at helping them study — a trend that is gaining momentum as exam season approaches.

What if social networks could help students get better grades? Accounts encouraging users to revise are proliferating on TikTok thanks to the “Study with me” trend. As such, many creators now film themselves live, in the midst of their study sessions, either writing in their notebooks or typing on their computer keyboards.

And while some creators feature in front of the camera, others prefer more anonymity, showing only their hands. Between the noises of the keyboard or the pen on paper — or the silence or birdsong of the surroundings — these videos, which are almost like ASMR videos, have found their audience on the social network.

One popular account, @oamht, shares various such study videos with over 172,800 followers: “Why is this so relaxing?,” commented a user called Sophie. “Whenever I see her, it makes me want to be that responsible and smart,” added Nicole, another follower.

To date, the hashtag #studystream totals 288.6 million views on TikTok while #studywithme counts 3.5 billion views. Other keywords, such as #studytime or #studymotivation — also widely used on the social network — have 570.9 million and 462.8 million views, respectively. A trend that was already all the rage on YouTube in 2019.

In addition to posting videos on their TikTok accounts, content creators regularly hold live study sessions. The idea is that followers tune into the live event so that they won’t be tempted to reach for their smartphone instead of focusing on getting the work done. A challenge that is far from easy. If the idea is commendable, some users aren’t always all that serious about revision, preferring to chat with followers via the live chat function, while others ask questions on the study topics.

The account @studying.with.a.view offers live revision sessions with a breathtaking view of the Swiss city of St. Gallen to its 100,000 followers. Some may doubt its authenticity. However, one user commented: “The background is real, I joined the live and saw the clouds, smoke, cars and even people moving!” The creator posts the same short text announcing the study times of the day: “Stop scrolling. This is your sign to study, so let’s study together, next to my beautiful view of St. Gallen, Switzerland. 9am-10am & 11am-12am CET — 50 minutes of studying — 10 minutes’ break,” the creator announced, among other things, on her latest video.

Live study sessions are multiplying on TikTok. In the search bar, recently improved by TikTok, users can search for lives with keywords and easily find all the live study sessions of the moment.

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