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Street painter’s 3D optical illusion astonish people

The atmosphere around the city’s highways is sometimes a bit dull. Because it’s fun too if it can be brightened up with the work of great street artists.

The fact is that not everyone is interested in graffiti art, yet it is quite difficult not to be amazed by the impressive and unique touch of a French street painter known as Pierro.

What’s interesting about this artist’s work is the illusory 3D graffiti painting his touch looks as if it’s about to jump out of a wall.

The artist started by opening a company that took wages producing art for clients.

“Because I really love the art of painting, I set up GrafoDeco. Accept bookings of individuals and professionals (public companies, private) event organizers, organizations, and those who are excited to get an original touch for interior and exterior decor. I use all mediums (walls, panels, canvas) regardless of size, ”he said on his website.

What’s more interesting, Pierro never had a formal education at any art school. He started just like many other street artists i.e. on the streets.

All the knowledge and skills he has are learned on their own in addition to the sharing of other artists. In a recent interview, Pierro admitted to being inspired to produce artwork from schoolmates.

He not only produces street art, but also paints interactive optical illusions that are quite difficult to master.

“You have to understand perspective, lighting and various other elements and it is a bit out of the ordinary and requires a lot of experience.

This proves that street art is not merely vandalism, instead it is a very technical and very impressive art form.

As a complement, Pierro revives his graffiti art with fun photographic art techniques.

It makes his work more interactive so that people can take interesting and unique pictures with all kinds of creatures, characters and animals that no longer exist on this earth.

The recipe for how Pierro’s work is as contagious as a hot fried banana, just look at the dress and style on each artwork uploaded. It is alive and amazing.

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