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Stray is more than just “The Cat Game”

Stray, a game from BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive, is finally out—and it’s been getting rave reviews from players. But what can you do in the game, and why is it getting all of this hype?

Stray’s trailer was first released way back in 2020, and it was already pretty exciting to play a game from the perspective of a cat just roaming around a city. It doesn’t seem to be too intense, or too much like an action-based game. It just seems like a game where you vibe—as a little kitty.

Now that the game is out, many players have noted that it lets you do plenty of things that you see cats doing in real life. Here are some cool things you can look out for:

Sure, it’s a robot that your cat can take a nap on—but it looks like in the game, they’re pretty much “people”. The robot also seems to think it’s cute.

A few players tweeted that their cats at home also took an interest in the game. The sounds and realistic visuals probably seem convincing enough for them, and they may also want to hang out with the video game kitties in the picturesque Cyberpunk-like town.

Stray lets you interact with other stray cats in the same. As a cat in the game, you’re able to carry things with your mouth—just like any other cat. Except that you’re able to carry things like vinyls and bring them into clubs to make DJs play the songs you want. In the game you’re also able to play with toys, type gibbering on a keyboard, knock things over, and claw up walls and carpets. You know, like how your own cat would.

Stray apparently has a “meow” button for whenever you want to meow. That seems so fun!. There’s also players who found out that if you meow in front of a camera, the camera would shake its head.

You can play the game on Steam—or on PlayStation. The reviews on Stream have been “overwhelmingly positive” so far, with some players saying it’s the “game of the year”.

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