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“Squid rings made from pig intestines” Manufacturer to sue netizens for spreading fake news

Following the claims of pig intestines were being used in the production of frozen squid rings, Shen Hua Resources has lodged a police report and is looking to take legal action against the individuals who spread the misinformation.

In a press conference, the company’s chief executive officer Rodney Soon said the fake news had not only damaged its reputation but also affected its business in five states; Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Selangor and Putrajaya.

Source: NST

“After discussing with our lawyer, we will take action against the two netizens who spread the fake news,” he was quoted saying by NST.

After the social media posting went viral, the Islamic Development Department Malaysia (Jakim) and the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry had taken samples of the product for testing, but the results are still pending.

“The related authorities took eight boxes of samples from Kedah at 10.30 am on 5 March and six boxes of samples from Selangor at 11 am on 7 March for testing.” Soon added.

Meanwhile, the Shandong Halal Certification Service (SHC) in Malaysia chief representative Datuk Dr Abd Aziz, who is present at the press conference, expressed his disappointment over the reckless disregard shown by netizens in spreading lies about Shen Hua Resources.

“I was taken aback by the action of some who have forwarded the information without proof or proper understanding of the issue which causes others to have doubt about the products.” he said.

Source: Pinterest

He added that port intestines are absolutely different compared to squids and that pork intestines would also shrink and collapse into a lump whereas squid products that would maintain their shape even after being cooked.

Soon also expressed his dissatisfaction with the investigating authorities, claiming that the company can’t refute the allegation made against them because there is no conclusive lab report produced from the authorities’ investigation as of yet.

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