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South Korean man spends RM22k on business class flight to be served credit card-sized steak

A South Korean man spent 6.48 million won (RM22k) to fly business class during his holiday to Hawaii, but the in-flight meal he was served was beyond underwhelming as it consisted of a piece of steak the size of a credit card.

A photo he shared on June 13 alongside his complaint about his experience on Korean Air showed the size and contents of the meal, with his piece of plastic as a comparison. The passenger said he was left dumbfounded on the plane after he was only given mainly sliced potatoes and a small piece of meat for his meal. The other items served included a small piece of butter, a handful of vegetables, and half a glass of wine.

The man chose to fly business class as it was his first time travelling abroad in two years after the pandemic. He was looking forward to experiencing the service on the plane, which was supposed to have concluded his trip on a high note.

However, all the other in-flight services offered were a far cry from the usual business class service he envisioned, and he was disappointed.

The man claimed that he was not provided blankets or beer on the flight. And he was not the only one feeling dissatisfied. He said the other passengers were apparently also unhappy with the meal on board.

As a result, many passengers requested to have instant noodles — but that was not enough as well.

When more passengers requested for instant noodles after their meal service, they were told it had run out.

But that was not all. The man also claimed other food items served were not enough and felt almost like rationing. For example, the grapes were given out one by one. Cheese was cut so thinly and carefully it resembled cutting sashimi.

As a result, the knife used as cutlery to eat the miniscule amounts of food ended up scraping the plate to cause a scratching sound. Passengers did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Despite the inflight food snafus, the passenger was full of praise for the crew, who he felt displayed a positive service attitude.

He said they remained full of smiles despite receiving numerous complaints. The man added that he understood their hard work, so even if he was not satisfied, he ate all the food provided.

Commenters online said the food portions were unacceptable given how airlines are starting to make profits again.

One commenter said: “If you didn’t say it was business class, I would have thought it was an economy class meal.”

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