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Small Traders Ask To Be Allow To Operate

Small traders across the country will be affected even more if the Movement Control Order (PKP) 3.0 is extended further.

President of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Malaysia, Datuk Michael Kang, said currently traders have no income and although some businesses are allowed to open, it does not generate profit at all.

He said the government needs to look at the current situation of small traders today, the majority of whom are ‘dying’ due to direct businesses not being able to operate during the PKP period.

Today businesses are badly affected and some are already‘ dead ’and if the PKP is continued for another two weeks or a month I think all traders will raise the‘ white flag ’asking for help to survive.

In fact, there is a statement by the minister that the micro industry will be affected by 49 percent if it continues to be closed and it is true because if it can be opened even once, many standard operating procedures (SOPs) do not match and eventually lead to enforcement action against traders.

Phase 1 of PKP 3.0 before being announced was continued until the threshold value of the National Rehabilitation Plan (PPN) was less than 4,000 cases.

However, the number of COVID-19 infection cases is currently increasing day by day, including the highest case yesterday which reached 11,000 and does not show that it will decrease to 4,000 cases.

Commenting further, Michael said that small traders are very compliant with the SOPs and should be allowed to operate if they are in non-risk areas of COVID-19.

“It is time for PKP action to be taken in areas with high risk of COVID-19 and allow small traders in other areas to continue doing business with strict SOPs,” he said.

President of the Federation of Malaysian Hawkers and Traders Associations, Datuk Seri Rosli Sulaiman, on the other hand, said the government was asked to consider the necessary measures such as providing a subsistence allowance of at least RM500 to traders if the PKP is extended.

“Right now, that’s what they need. There is no point in giving aid grants or business capital because the funds given will still be used to provide necessities.

“What can be traded today because many who are allowed to trade do not break even,” he said.

He said small traders were impressed because they had a daily income.

“People today are very law abiding but they are living under pressure because there is no income and if the pressure peaks, I think there will be people who come out and no longer want to obey orders,” he said.

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