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Singaporean driver jacking up his car at JB Petrol Station to take advantage of cheaper petrol price

People from neighbouring countries are once again taking advantage of much cheaper retail price of petrol in Malaysia.

With the border reopening, Malaysians especially those in Johor Bahru are once again witnessing the phenomenon of ‘car shaking’.

Social media are flooded with images of a driver filling up his vehicle with a Singapore registration number.

The incident was said to have taken place at a petrol station in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru. The driver used a jack to tilt the car so that it could fill more petrol.

The kiasu (selfish) attitude of the driver, who was widely assumed to be a Singaporean, has drawn the ire of netizens. Such actions had been happening long before the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the past, it has angered the public who had to wait in a long line for their turn to refuel. 

These inconsiderate actions have sparked netizens’ anger who described them as ‘rich in other people’s country, poor in their own country’.

At the same time, netizens urge petrol station operators to be strict against foreigners filling up their vehicle while in Malaysia. But it is feared that their words will once again fall on deaf ears.

The big difference between the retail price of petrol in the country compared to neighboring countries is what caused the kiasu acts.

The retail price of RON95 petrol in Malaysia at RM2.05 per liter is very low compared to the retail price of petrol in member countries of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and neighboring countries.

Currently, the retail price of petrol in Saudi Arabia was RM2.59 per liter and in Indonesia it reached RM3.74 per liter, while neighboring Thailand (RM5.63 per liter) and Singapore (RM9.16 per liter).

The total petrol subsidy by the government is expected to increase to RM28 billion in 2022 from RM11 billion in 2021 if world crude oil prices remain above US$100 per barrel.

Some people shake the vehicle to remove any air pockets inside the fuel tank, thereby making space for more fuel.

In fact, pumping petrol into the car tank can create foam and vapor. If you do not shake the car, the vapor can dissipate faster, letting the tank have more space for fuel.

Based on the explanations, now you know that shaking the car while filling petrol is just a myth, and it does not work for vehicles nowadays.

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  1. Don’t compare the price by convert the money. They using sing dollar as we use myr. Here rm1 = there sing 1. So it’s same.

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