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Shopee storeowner Online ‘Slap’ Service appears high demand and sold 200 of it

Have the feeling of urge to slap someone right across the face? Then look no further than to the bestselling ‘viral slap’ service on the Shopee online store.

Pioneered by Shopee storeowner areld54 from Sabah, the service offers customers a chance to send a virtual smack to anyone of their choice for the small price of between 36 to 47 sen, complete with a personalised message and no shipping required.

Furthermore, consumers can either send a ‘regular’ slap or the pricier ‘HD’ slap via WhatsApp to a friend, an ex-lover or maybe even that annoying colleague who wants you to come by the office instead of WFH.

But customers be warned, be sure to read the product description thoroughly before making a purchase or you’ll be the one who’d be getting a hand sent your way.

From the looks of it, that the virtual slap service appears to be high in demand – with over 200 slaps sold – and testimonies reveal almost everyone was satisfied with the service provided.

So what are you waiting for, send a slap to someone who deserves it today!

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