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‘Sex/Life’ 19:50 Goes Viral: Is It Real Or Edited?

The series Sex/Life has turn out to be one of Netflix‘s most popular shows due to its large number of explicit sex scenes, the recurring nudes of its protagonist and a controversy that has gone viral on social media regarding the main actor’s penis size.

Based on the novel ’44 Chapters About 4 Men’ by BB Easton, Stacy Rukeyser narrates across eight episodes the perfect life and wonders of a housewife (Billie Connelly) with her attractive husband (Cooper Connelly) and her two sons, until she begins to keep a journal in which she remembers her wild and intense sexual experiences with her addictive rogue ex-boyfriend (Brad Simon).

The Sex/Life series stars actress Sarah Shahi who plays the fiery and dissatisfied psychologist Billie Connelly. Sarah, who is the daughter of a Spanish mother, is the protagonist of most of the nudes and sex scenes in the series.

The role of perfect husband, who does not satisfy his wife sexually, is played by the attractive actor Mike Vogel, known for his work in series such as ‘The Brave’ or ‘Bates Motel’ and movies such as ‘The Help’.

The actor chosen to play Brad Simon, the ex-boyfriend who awakes Billie Connelly’s imagination, is played by Adam Demos.

In real life, Adam Demos, who has worked on series such as ‘Falling Inn Love’, ‘Unreal’ or ‘Janet King’, is dating the actress Sarah Shahi.

The explicit sex scenes of the series have been widely debated on social media, but an image that shows a close-up of Brad’s penis has generated great controversy.

In the third episode (minute 19:50) of Sex/Life you can see a close-up of the character’s huge penis, in an image that has gone viral on social networks.

In an editing error during the scene, it can be seen that the character does not have the tattoo of two bees in the groin that he wears in the series, leading many Internet users to interpret that a ‘false’ penis could have been used for the scene.

The image is so shocking that even many users on TikTok have been joking about the scene.

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