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RM2 Chicken rice went viral after Owner decides to go all out for survival

RM2 Chicken rice went viral after Owner decides to go all our for survival

Covid-19 had been causing several issues worldwide and nobody was spared from it. Business had been bad for everyone and the boss of a chicken rice stall in 339 Hawker stall Taiping had suffered a 40% drop in business.

This is obviously not sustainable and the boss had decided to make a bold move to turn things around. Chicken rice in Taiping was around RM4.50 to RM5.00, and this boss had reduce it all to RM2.00! It’s RM2.00 for all chicken rice, no matter steamed chicken or roasted chicken.

Source: Oriental Daily

What happen next?

Once the announcement was made, customers were mushrooming and his business is even more busier than ever.

The boss said that he prepared 50 whole chickens on the first day of the promotion (estimated to be 1000 servings) and all of them were sold out by the afternoon!

On the second and third day since the promotion, he prepared 40 whole chickens and it was sold out by 11a.m. and 1p.m. respectively. Staring day 4, he will be preparing only 30 whole chickens and they were all sold out by the after noon as usual.

There were customers which queue as early as 7a.m. just to enjoy a value for money chicken rice.

The boss said that this move is not conventionally used to increase earnings and he can only breakeven by paying off salaries of 4 employees if he sell 30 whole chickens everyday.

He initially intend to end this promotion on 31 December 2020, however, looking that he can breakeven with this model, he might be extending this promotion!

Summarizing it all

It is not everywhere that you can still find a chicken rice that cost you only RM2.00. The promotion might be ending on 31 December 2020 and the citizens in Taiping should pay a visit to this stall if you intend to save some meal money. Furthermore, this story teaches us that rising prices does not necessarily make you earn more money too, it depends on the the supply and demand!

Do you know of anywhere that sells chicken rice at around this price? Drop a comment below!

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