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RM100k fine to restaurants which do not translate their menu into BM

Restaurant owners, which includes those who provide catering service, you’ve got to pay attention to this! All menus, product and service descriptions, including the price lists must be in Bahasa Malaysia (BM) or attached with BM translation, otherwise you’ll be violating the Price Control And Anti-Profiteering Act 2011.

Individuals who violate the Act may be fined up to RM50,000, and companies can be fined up to RM100,000. According to the Act, the use of BM in the description of goods and services is mandatory and is not an encouragement. Failure to comply with the directive is violation.

As reported in Guang Ming Daily, a non-halal restaurant operating in Queensbay Square area recently received advice from a patrol officer of the Trade and Consumer Affairs Bureau, requiring them to add BM into his menu, else they might be fined in the future. Fortunately, the officer did not fine them on the spot.

In response, Director of the Penang State Trade and Consumer Affairs Bureau, Mohd Ridzuan stated that the Price Control And Anti-Profiteering Act 2011 stipulates that restaurants, hotels, laundry shops, parking lots and barber shops must use BM in the description of goods or services, and the price must be in ringgits and cents. Furthermore, font size and color needs to be clear and easy for consumers to see.

Source: Guang Ming Daily

Maximum fine of RM100k

The bureau pointed out that the national language must be used and BM translation requirements must be added when using other languages. The Price Tagging Enforcement 1977, which took effect as early as 1977, already existed, but at that time it only targeted 111 specific products.

The Act was subsequently revised into the Price Control Order (Indication of Price by Retailer) 1993, which extended the regulations to all retail products. Afterwards, the Ministry of Trade and Consumer Affairs rectified the Act in 2020 and introduced the Price Control And Anti-Profiteering Act 2020.

Failing to comply with the Act attracts a fine of up to RM50,000 for individuals and companies can face up to RM100,000.

As a conclusion, it is illegal to not write a BM translation for all goods and services provided. All business owners should pay attention and get your BM translation ready, else you’ll face a hefty fine.

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  1. even for non halal food? will there be any muslim walk in to the non halal restaurant knowing it was non halal food such as selling pork?

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