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Religious teachers may face action if remain unvaccinated

Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has informed religious teachers and mosque officials in the state that those who do not want to be vaccinated against COVID-19 could be relieved from their duties.

According to the statement, the Sultan was informed that 326 religious teachers have yet to receive their vaccinations, 95 teachers have refused, while 59 mosque officials have yet to be vaccinated and 11 others have refused. In addition, nine marriage officials have yet to be vaccinated while six others have refused.

He was also informed about a total of 268 teachers of national primary schools and 182 teachers of national secondary schools in Selangor who have refused to take the vaccine.

As such, the Sultan has warned the religious teachers and mosque officials in the state who are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine that they could be barred from carrying out their duties.

Sultan Sharafuddin said that he is worried the unvaccinated religious teachers are not just a danger to themselves but to students as well.

“For these people that choose not to get vaccinated, I’m very sad as they will endanger themselves and others. I worry if there are still religious teachers who are unvaccinated, it can cause harm to students,” the Sultan said while reminding the group that the COVID-19 vaccine can help prevent them from death.

“Further, I am made to understand that a large number of COVID-19 deaths in Selangor involve those who are unvaccinated. I wish to remind the stubborn kafa teachers that they may not be allowed to carry out their duties (if they choose to remain unvaccinated). The same goes for mosque officers and marriage officials who refuse to be vaccinated. They also face the same action,” the Sultan said.

The Sultan also reminded everyone that the state has already issued religious edicts declaring COVID-19 vaccination permissible

According to Sultan Sharafuddin, issues regarding vaccine acceptance has also been mentioned multiple times in Friday sermons for Muslims and in his previous media statements.

He highlighted that medical experts have confirmed that vaccination is the only way to tackle the pandemic, with the government working to create herd immunity to reduce the risk of infections.

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