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Razer’s gaming finger sleeves is going to make your mobile gaming more epic experience

Companies from all over the world are rushing to capitalise on this booming market in the era of RGB-everything and gaming apparel.

The latest in the genre of totally useful gaming products is Razer’s Gaming Finger Sleeves. They are non-slip finger gloves meant to make mobile gaming an even more epic experience.

Design-wise, the finger sleeves look like a pair of tiny socks with the Razer logos on the front. The colourway is black with the classic neon green Razer accent. They are made out of a ‘smooth, high-sensitivity fabric’, woven with 35% highly-conductive silver fibre, 60% nylon, and 5% Spandex. This material is meant to enhance your aim and control, while still making it light and breathable for your thumbs.

Just 0.8mm thin, these helps to keep your fingers dry and cool, while being sweat-absorbent and hand-washable. They have a universal fit, so you could theoretically buy five pairs and cover up all your fingers for maximum gaming potential.

If you regularly game on your phone and constantly find that your sweaty hands prevent you from getting those Victory Royales, then perhaps you should consider getting this product.

You can level up your gaming skills and get a pair of the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves for RM49 on their website. You’ll need to switch the website’s region to Malaysia to get the local pricing.

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