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Ramly Burger actually has their own Fast Food Chain and the food is worth a try

As a Malaysian, Ramly burger is no stranger to us. We grew up eating those burgers from stalls wrapped with Ramly labeled paper.

Even if you stroll down the frozen section in supermarkets, their brand is one of the most prominent ones in that section. But have you noticed that besides retail products and roadside stalls, Ramly also has fast food outlets called Ramly Halal Kiosks?

Recently, a Twitter user with the username @pedoqpop has shared what looked like a scrumptious fast food meal from none other than Ramly.

Most people recognize their yellow with brown logo and immediately suggest their favorite menu from the kiosks.

Some people don’t even know Ramly has fast-food restaurants. Some noticed but didn’t realize that they looked like famous fast-food chain servings. Maybe they’d imagine it to look like those burgers you buy from mediocre stalls.

Nevertheless, this is another level of fast food kiosks and they’ve been around for quite a time too.

What Do The Ramly Halal Kiosks Sell?

Apart from various types of burgers, they also serve some western menus like lamb chop, fish & chips, grilled chicken, and more.

Their meat arent just regular ones you get at the burger stalls, they are much bigger and juicier.

Plus their fries are large, chunky ones. You’ll definitely be satisfied with these.

One of their famous rice dish is the Nasi Serai dish. You can pair them with multiple sides such as beef, roasted chicken, grilled chicken, lamb, and also sambal sotong.

Their Lamb Chops are smoking juicy too, according to some fans.

They also have the snack box with keropok lekor, nuggets, chicken drummettes, and griddies fries.

On top of that, there’s various type of cheesecakes to choose from: tiramisu, chocolate, lemon and blueberry. Who knew they had cakes, huh?

Where Can I Find Them?

Ramly Burger has several outlets that are mart-like (Ramly Halal Mart) and also restaurant-like (Ramly Halal Kiosk).

Both types of outlets sell retail products and also fast food dishes. It just depends on which outlet you’re at. Some menus are present at some outlets and some aren’t.

A few of their Ramly Halal Marts are present in the Klang Valley. Here’s how to find one near you.

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