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Proton Saga That Blocked A Lorry’s Way Got Forcefully Move Away By A Forklift

It’s already bad enough that Malaysians often park their vehicle at some random spot which they are not supposed to and cause a massive traffic.

To make it worse, some drivers even decide to not put their contact number on the dashboard, making it impossible to get them to move their vehicle away in the event they are blocking the road.

Recently, a video showing a Proton Saga blocking the entrance to a street in a industrial area went viral on Facebook, with netizens amused with what happened next.

Source: Facebook

According to narration in the video, the driver, who recorded the incident with his dashcam, said he is driving a 40-foot long trailer truck loaded with iron and the Proton Saga had blocked his entrance to the industrial area.

He then called the factory owner and inform him of the Proton Saga. To his surprise, the factory owner asked his employees to bring 2 forklifts to the scene to forcefully move the Proton Saga that is blocking his entrance.

“Yes, the operation is ongoing. He picked up the car straight away. He’s great.” the lorry driver praised the forklift driver for carefully moving the Proton Saga.

In the comment section, netizens had pointed out that such incidents had happened several times despite warnings have been given many times.

However, there are still many drivers out there who are still stubborn and randomly park their vehicle as they wish, thus disrupting the traffic in the area.

Some netizens said the lorry owner and the factory owner are kind enough to carefully move the Proton Saga. If he were unfortunate to meet those lorry driver who do not care about it, they would have crash into his car by forcefully making through its way.

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