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Privacy policy issues pushes people from Whatsapp to Signal

Whatsapp had recently updated its terms and privacy policy and it had raised tremendous backlashes from the public. Most users have since then flee to other messaging services, and one of the most popular ones is Signal.

What’s new about the privacy policy?

As we all know, Whatsapp is part of the Facebook group of companies. However, it had been operating as two different entities and they do not share any information with each other.

It’s all good until this new update comes, where Whatsapp will be forcing its users to share their data with Facebook.

Whatsapp had made it compulsory for users to accept the policy and service will not be provided to them if they do not accept it.

As explained by Elon Musk, the type of data that will be shared with Facebook includes battery level information, IP address, browser information, mobile network, phone number and the internet service provider. Fortunately, they will not be sharing the contents of the user’s chat.

Knowing that things are about the go from bad to worse, Whatsapp had clarified that it does not affect the privacy of the messages for individuals. The changes will only be apply if you are messaging a business using Whatsapp.

Signal, the leading messaging service that prioritize your privacy

Privacy is one of the most debated topic in this era. This is one of the things that Signal aims to address too. Signal is founded by a relatively new non-profit organization and it emphasize a lot on security.

Source: Twitter

Comparing Signal to other applications, it is obvious that Signal protects your privacy more than others, where they only collect your phone number. This makes it easier for users to identify whether there are any Signal users in their contacts.

After a tweet from Elon Musk urging people to switch to Signal, they have recorded a surge in downloads and have shatter the traffic record.

However, switching from Whatsapp to Signal entirely can be inconvenient as most people are used to texting with Whatsapp. Some may keep both apps and use them when they find it suitable.

Are you concerned about the privacy policy enforced by Whatsapp? Comment below!

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