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Preacher With Over 3,000 Reports Lodged Against Him Claimed That His Statement Was “Taken Out Of Context”

The Muslim preacher, Ustaz Syakir Nasoha has recently came under the limelight of social media after an old video of him making disparaging comments on the Hindus, Buddhists and the Dayak community went viral.

Following which, over 3,000 police reports were lodged against him by civil society groups and members of the public for allegedly causing racial unrest.

In response, Syakir Nasoha has posted a 22-minute video on YouTube to explain his comments have been taken out of context.

He explained that the 1-minute clip was recorded during a sermon at a mosque in Sg Petani in back in 2017 and it was meant only for the Muslims, adding that he never intended to have it recorded or shared with others.

“The ceramah was more than an hour long, and the video that surfaced recently only showed excerpts of my entire sermon.”

“It was shot by Ar-Rahman TV and heavily edited. The excerpts may have created a misunderstanding.”

In his video, he also said that he does not blame the video editor for causing him to face this mess.

Syakir said that he is not a racist, while providing examples that he uses the services provided by non-Muslims too.

Source: The Sun Daily

“In my other videos, I mention calling Chinese-Buddhist contractors to help with renovations at my house and to fix my air conditioners.”

He added that he has Indian friends of Hindu faith too.

Syakir then said that it is his right as a Muslim to believe in the teachings of his religion and to go against the hadith, or the words of Prophet Muhammad, would cause him to be a “kafir”, or non-believer.

Nonetheless, he said that Islamic teachings requires years of learning, and one video is not enough to convey the entire understanding of Islam.

Syakir then expressed his hope for Malaysians of all races, religious and cultural background to continue living together harmoniously.

Previously, a 1-minute video of him saying “At the end of time, disciples of non-Muslim religions will be scrambling together to kill Muslims in the world” went viral on social media, including the WhatsApp messaging platform.

In the video, he claimed that Buddhists and Hindus are responsible for the killings of Muslims in Thailand and India.

“If Malay Muslims are racists, would we allow them (non-Muslims) to stay in our homeland? This is the land of the Malays. But there is no problem, we allow them to be here.”

“However, it seems like they have become big-headed.” he said.

Watch the full video of his explaining himself here:

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