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Penang Exco warns Penangites to be Ready to co-exist with threat of Covid-19

The State Youth and Sports Committee chairman, Soon Lip Chee had in a virtual programme yesterday (28 August) said that Penangities need to prepare themselves to live with the Covid-19 virus instead of hoping that life will return to the pre-pandemic days.

Meanwhile, Soon said that the only way out from the Covid-19 pandemic is to get vaccinated and to achieve herd immunity. This can only be done once knowledge and awareness about the importance of vaccination are fully understood by the people.

Referring to the anti-vaxxers, Soon said that they will hold public talks and events with the help from health experts, especially from the Health Ministry, to ensure the public will realise that vaccination helps reduce the severity of Covid-19 infections.

Source: Malay Mail

He added that the data from the Health Ministry shows that vaccination is effective in reducing the number of Covid-19 cases in Categories 4 and 5, hospital and intensive care unit admissions, oxygen tank requirements, and the number of deaths.

He then urge Penangites to get an insight into the proper practices to lower the risk of infection during home quarantine as well emotional management during and after the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the other speakers in the virtual programme includes family physician and senior lecturer of RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus Dr Tan Kean Chye, surgical officer Dr Suaran Singh and RCSI & UCD counsellor Lim Dao Yong.

Source: Facebook

The program was organised in collaboration with the Penang Youth Development Council and state disaster squad of St John Ambulance Malaysia (Penang branch).

“As we all noticed, (many) things have changed in the almost two years since the pandemic outbreak in March 2020 in Malaysia. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major effects on our lives from different perspectives.”

“Loops of MCOs (movement control orders) and lockdowns at home have brought us negative emotions, boredom, and even fatigue, affecting our mental health. The virus is already living with us and there is no way we can hide from it, but (we can) avoid it and adapt to the changes it has caused to our daily lives.” he said.

In the one-hour online session, they also touched on topics of vaccination, home quarantine, and post-pandemic trauma.

“I hope we will continue to build upon the opportunities that we have initiated, partnerships we have cemented and networks we have established over this event.”

“I have no doubt that the knowledge gained by the people who listened to the talk will be beneficial in dealing with Covid-19 in our daily lives, and do spread the awareness to others.” he added.

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